Recommendations for tadalis usage

Erectile dysfunction is a pathologic condition of the reproductive system of the man which is characterized by the absence of the penis erection.

Erectile dysfunction is an initial stage of impotence. The treatment should be started during the first symptoms of the erection loss in order to avoid complications.

Weak erection of the penis may be caused by various factors: vascular diseases, pancreatic diabetes, infectious diseases of the urination system, depression, stress, physical fatigue, medicine application, etc.

A special group of the drugs – phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors – is effective for all these forms of the erectile dysfunction. This group of the medicines increases the blood circulation in the vessels of the penis, and causes erection during the sexual arousal.

Tadalafil is a prominent representative of this group.

tadalafilWhat is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is a medicine to improve erection which is released in the USA, Europe, and Asian countries. The manufacturer of Tadalafil is Eli Lilly in the USA which produces this medicine under the trade mark Cialis.

Tadalis is a cheap analogue of Cialis which is completely identical to the brand name and differs by the high pharmacological safety. It is released by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma.

Directions for the use of Tadalis

  • Treatment and prophylaxis of the erectile dysfunction in case of the organic, psychological, or drug causes
  • Erection increase for longer period to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse in men without the erectile dysfunction symptoms.
  • Prophylaxis of adenoma of prostate gland

Tadalis may be taken by healthy men to prevent impotence and improve the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvic. It helps the man to be in a good shape even at senior age and have a quality erection.

How to use Tadalis

If you are interested in the fast result and want to know how to use tadalis 20 mg, it is necessary to consult a doctor. A medical specialist will prescribe you an individual scheme of the treatment, give you recommendations how to use Tadalis taking into account the peculiarities of your body.

ed-treatmentTo improve erection before the sexual activity Tadalis is taken without breaking or chewing the tablet, with a full glass of water. The use of Tadalis is allowed even after solid meals and after alcohol consumption at least 30 minutes before intimacy.

  • The average single dose of Tadalafil dosage is 20 mg
  • In case of the insufficient efficiency of this dose, one may use 40 mg of Tadalafil but not more than once per two days
  • Senior patients older than 60 years old are recommended to lower the single dose up to 10 mg a day.

Patients with cardiovascular/hepatic or renal diseases are recommended to read information Tadalafil wiki, and consult a doctor, if needed, to get an individual Tadalafil dosage.

If you are interested in a permanent effect and a regular control of erection, you may take Tadalis daily.

Taking Tadalis daily in low doses of 5 mg improves the erectile reaction to the sexual arousal of the man, and at the same time, there is no load to the cardiovascular system.

Tadalis daily 5 mg does not cause a physiological or psychological addiction, side effects and cardiovascular system disorders, and is approved by FDA even for old men.

Tadalis may be used not more than once a day because the application of two or three tablets a day may result in the overdose and unwanted side effects.

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