Tadalafil Precautions and Side effects

The side effects may appear in case of the incorrect dosage of Tadalafil.

The maximal daily dose of Tadalafil should not exceed 40 mg. in case of the use of the higher doses the therapeutic effect of the drug is not increased but Tadalafil may cause the overdose by accumulating in the body.

tadalis-side-effectsThe overdose symptoms include vomiting, nausea, sudden change of the arterial pressure, rapid heartbeat, hives, and skin itching.

It is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible in case of the overdose symptoms, and have a symptomatic treatment. The use of Tadalafil is contraindicated within the next two weeks.

According to the results of the clinical studies the most common Tadalafil side effects are headache, and digestion disorder. Often, dizziness, redness of the face, and nasal stuffiness appear.

The intensity of these side effects was middle or weak, and these unwanted reactions passed while continuing Tadalafil application.

The non-typical Tadalafil side effects which often appear during the individual intolerance of the active components of the drug are muscle pain, pain in the eyes, and back, and allergic reaction.

These Tadalafil side effects testify the mismatch of your body with Tadalafil due to which the treatment must be terminated. In this case, one may consult a doctor and he/she will give the needed recommendations.

Tadalis 20mg precautions

The probability of the side effects is reduced during the execution of the precautions. Often, men ignore the contraindications for the use, and it leads to the side effects of the various level of severity.

Contraindications for the use of Tadalis:

  • Allergy to the active components of Tadalafil
  • Age under 18 years old
  • Recent myocardial infarction or stroke
  • Heart failure

Special Tadalis precautions should be followed in case of the chronic diseases of kidneys or liver, during glaucoma, and also men older than 65 years old.

Studying Tadalis precautions a special attention should be paid to the medical interaction of Tadalafil with other medical products.

  • In case of the simultaneous use of Tadalafil with organic nitrates hypotension is developed and lethal outcome is possible. It is necessary to avoid the simultaneous use of these components.
  • PDE5 inhibitors may increase the therapeutic effect of Tadalafil in case of the combined use, and it may cause the overdose.

The observance of Tadalis precautions will help you to avoid Tadalafil side effects and increase the efficiency of the drug therapy of the erectile dysfunction.