Weak erection after trauma

I had a small trauma of the penis, and my erection became weak after it. Should I go to a doctor, or will it pass?



The penis trauma may only seem a small thing at first. In fact, if you do not go to a doctor in time, even a small trauma or affection of the penis tissues may cause a severe type of the sexual disorder.

The penis traumas can be various according to the severity level. Some are light and the symptoms bother just within several days. But the affection of the tissues may be serious, and therefore a diagnostics is required. A doctor can estimate a severity level and will give recommendations. In any case, a man should rest, refuse from the sexual activity within 1-2 weeks. A cartilage grows back together rather quickly in the penis, but it often happens with deviances, so that erection may become painful. A serious trauma may also affect the blood vessels of the penis, so that the blood circulation is affected, and ED appears.

If erection became weak after trauma, it means that a degenerative process has started. It is necessary to go to a doctor as soon as possible and tell about the symptoms and trauma. If the erection disorder is related to the temporal painful feelings, it is possible to observe and wait till the penis tissues are completely restored after the affection. If the weak erection is not related to the painful sensations, a surgical intervention and a long-term rehabilitation may be required. That is why, do not delay a doctor’s visit.