Ways to Enhance Erection


The problem has been bothering me for several months already. I have taken many tests, and their results are all fine. What can be the reason of a weak erection I have and how can I enhance it?



Erectile dysfunction is a complex process. It presupposes the functioning of heart, brain, nerves, hormones and numerous other important body organs. Therefore, to achieve an excellent erection, you need to keep them all fit and active. Regular visits to the doctor can help you avoid certain health disorders that can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction.

Aging process will also influence your sexual ability, as all the organs and body functions become weaker, so you cannot control everything. However, impotence is not a result of being old. Instead, it is the consequence of your lifestyle.

The modern pharmaceutical market is so well-developed that you can find different treatments there, including erection enhancers. However, before you start taking remedies, you need to revise your daily habits, eliminate the consumption of certain foods, stay more active and just observe the changes that will take place. Here are some points that promote a drastic impact on your erectile function and can either improve it or decrease completely:

  • Food you consume. A healthy diet that is safe for your heart will work best for sexual health as well. Vegetables, fruits, heart-healthy fats, whole grains, fish and similar products will trigger your ability to achieve and maintain a steady erection;
  • Weight. Type 2 diabetes and numerous other health issues can be provoked by obesity. As a result, your sex functioning will also be damaged. Maintain healthy weight to be sexually active;
  • Blood pressure. Advanced blood pressure or cholesterol levels can influence your male health, too.