Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction


I am 35 years old and sometimes I fail to get a hard and durable erection. Can it be the sign of developing impotence?



The answer to your question cannot be exact, as definitely, an inability to gain and hold an erection can be the symptom of developing impotence. However, it is needless to forget about the psychological part of the issue. Erectile dysfunction is a nasty condition, which can hit males of all ages. The main symptoms of the condition include:

  • Problems achieving an erection;
  • Complications keeping it;
  • Decreased libido and reduced sexual drive and desire.

The complex of these factors can mean you are developing the disorder. To be diagnosed with impotence, the symptoms of your problems should be obligatorily constant.

In your instance, temporary signs of erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of exhaustion, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, low spirits and a range of other psychological or emotional impairments. Anyway, it is recommended to watch the health condition and address the doctor if the condition becomes more frequent and the symptoms more noticeable. Try to eliminate the possible source of the disorder and check your ability to achieve a quality erection.

At the age of 35, people are not likely to develop dangerous impotence symptoms, which can be constant. Thus, consulting your healthcare provider timely will advance your chances of an effective treatment course. Make sure the disorder appears more often than once in a while and start the therapy prescribed by a qualified medical assistant. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and numerous generic alternatives and quality supplements can enhance your ability to get and hold an erection. Change your lifestyle, reduce stress and lead a healthy life to experience significant erectile improvement.