Erectile Dysfunction as a Serious Male Health Concern


I am 52 years old, and I am married to a beautiful woman, but recently, I started experiencing sexual failures in bed. What can be the reason?



Erectile dysfunction is the most common male sexual disorder. The problem interferes with an ability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection, sufficient for a successful sexual intercourse. However, it is inevitable to remember that the symptoms of impotence, which are temporary, can occur just as a result of stress, anxiety or low spirits. Such disorders are not the reason for concern or worry. Have proper sleep and sophisticated meal, deal with psychological complications, and the symptoms of the condition will disappear.

Constant problems require medical assistance, as they can have both physical and psychological background. Additionally, the combination of both factors can lead to impotence and related complications. Being a man of 52, you are not in the risk group, so you should investigate other causes of the condition appearance. Consult your medical specialist if you cannot determine and eliminate the reason of erectile dysfunction.

There are three main groups of erectile dysfunction reasons, including the following:

  • Physical. In many instances problems with erection achievement are caused by obesity, diabetes, heart-related complications, advanced cholesterol, atherosclerosis, abnormal heart blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, multiple sclerosis and others;
  • Psychological. Anxiety, stress, and depression are typical impotence triggers;
  • Combined. Alcohol or drug use, specific medications, sleep problems together with anxiety and stress can cause impotence signs.