Do cell phones cause infertility?


I carry my phone in my pocket. Is it true that it causes infertility?



This is a complex question. Recent studies suggest that the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from your phone can actually damage sperm. There’s one study that proves that your cell phone lowers your sperm count by harming its ability to swim.
Frankly speaking, this is a subject in need of a more extensive research. Maybe the effects are not as severe as the aforementioned studies suggest. Maybe some people have a genetic predisposition, maybe it has something to do with age and overall health. We do not know yet. And since we don’t really know if it’s how harmful or not, or exactly how harmful it is – you should use common sense. Is it hard for you to relocate your phone? Hopefully, it isn’t. Then you should absolutely do that.
Move it to your back pocket, shirt pocket, wherever. One of the most important things about these studies that people seem to overlook is the fact that the dangerous emissions come when you are actually talking on the phone. It’s unclear how harmful it is if the phone is in standby mode.
The response got really big, so let’s talk about the key takeaway here. Better safe than sorry: try to carry your phone in your other pocket or anywhere else. Especially if it’s worrying you, you should definitely do something about it. Stressing out about something that hasn’t been proven yet can definitely lead to infertility and just like that, you can get a really bad case of confirmation bias on top of your sexual health issues! Stay safe and thank you for that question.