Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction


I cannot finish a sexual intercourse when I drink alcohol. Is that a medical problem and should I worry about it? Do I need medical assistance?



Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition, which influences the male ability to achieve and hold an erection, which would be sufficient for the intercourse. In certain cases this problem can appear as a result of physical factors, while in others it can be triggered by psychological disorders. Anyway, over 60% of men have experienced problems with sexual functioning at least once.

Considering alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to mention that the first thing can lead to the second. It means that alcohol consumption can result in problems getting or holding an erection. To understand the process, you need to know some information about alcohol and its influence on the body. Any alcoholic drink serves as a nervous system depressant that can block nerve impulses and connections between the body and the brain. Additionally, it can contribute to the aggravated functioning of the central nervous system, slowing down reflexes and thinking.

As for the impact of alcohol on erection, it is vital to notice that it can help a man get in the mood, but it will not be useful for maintaining this state. Alcohol can advance your ability to get an erection, but it prevents you from having a hard and durable one. It is not a serious medical condition, because usually using no alcohol before the intercourse is the key to fast recovery. However, sometimes qualified medical assistance is required, especially if your condition is aggravating and does not depend on drinking.