Testosterone Deficiency Leads to Male Obesity

Testosterone is an inevitable male hormone that is essential for many body functions. Generally, it is not the issue for men in their 40s and older, as testosterone is inevitable for pleasurable sex, losing weight, gaining muscles and a range of other experiences.

Following the statistics, testosterone is the main hormone related to metabolic disorders, including obesity. Low testosterone advances the amount of fat mass, decreasing lean mass in men. Dyslipidaemia, energy imbalance, reduced insulin and abnormal glucose control are the metabolic impairments that are usually associated with testosterone deficiency. Testosterone replacement therapy promotes a beneficial effect on the male weight and related health processes. As a result of the treatment course, patients demonstrate better muscle activity, increased vigor, motivation and energy required for effective weight loss.

Generally, the relation between low testosterone levels and obesity is approved and found in all males, irrespective of age. However, a vast majority of older men suffer from testosterone-related obesity and such tendency frequently depends on aging.

Considering healthy males, testosterone serves an ultimate boom for fat decrease. It means you will not decrease your weight only, but reduce the fat level in your body. Testosterone triggers muscle building, improves metabolic health and promotes a range of other benefits to the overall health state. Besides, healthy testosterone level is an inevitable condition for obtaining and keeping a healthy and balanced weight.