Signs of Male Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone is a hormone inevitable for proper male body functioning. The chemical is produced by the testicles and interferes with the appearance and sexual development of males. Testosterone triggers sperm production, sex drive and related processes in the male organism. The decrease of testosterone production can be related to the aging process. However, a considerable testosterone deficiency cannot be launched by the aging process only. Qualified medical assistance can help you specify all the reasons for testosterone deficiency occurrence.

To understand the condition completely, you need to be aware of its main symptoms. A considerable range of low T signs can appear only if its production is drastically decreased. Commonly, the symptoms of T deficiency are subtle and can include:

  • Reduced sexual drive, since testosterone is inevitable for proper libido in men;
  • Erectile dysfunction. The symptoms of impotence can also appear with age, but significant testosterone decrease can also decline the male ability to achieve and hold a hard and powerful erection;
  • Baldness. Due to the fact that testosterone plays a vital role in hair production, its deficiency can launch serious hair loss with its consequences;
  • Decreased semen volume. During ejaculation testosterone is responsible for the semen amount, which means testosterone deficiency can be one of the infertility causes.