Novel Immunotherapeutic Technology Will Help to Treat Prostate Cancer

A present investigation led by researchers at The Wistar Institute suggests a novel immunotherapeutic strategy, which helps treat prostate cancer. The technology is based on the use of synthetic DNA in order to encode protective antibodies against cancer-specific protein. It is the first time DNA-encoded monoclonal antibody technique is applied for cancer immunotherapy.
Such practice is ultimately important, as prostate cancer is classified as the second most common cancer type around the world. Traditional methods of cancer treatment can influence the quality of patient’s life, so they require alternative strategies. Immunotherapy is one of such revolutionary options, which relies on the use of monoclonal antibodies helping to elicit the anti-tumor immune response and keep control over cancer. The technique is rather new and limited by production, as it is cost-required. Additionally, several infusions are usually required in order to achieve the desired efficacy.
The new technology has not been tested on people yet, but positive results of trials on mice show the potential benefit of the strategy on prostate cancer treatment.

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