New study finds how your blood type is linked to your sexual performance.

Millions and millions of men from all around the globe suffer problems in the bedroom. Main causes are ageing, other health issues and, of course, bad lifestyle – obesity, smoking, alcoholism. However, there have been some eye-opening studies in recent years suggesting that your blood type can severely affect your sexual performance.
No matter what you do, you are still somewhat depended on your genes and biological predisposition. Nature over nurture.
The study published in a well-known Italian journal called “Archivio Italiano Di Urologia” revealed that people with the AB-type have it worst, they have an approximately 5 times higher risk of erectile dysfunction when compared to people with O-type. A-type and B-type have 4 times and 3.5 times higher risk, respectively. It was also found that the AB-type people suffer the most severe symptoms of ED, while the O-type people are the best when it comes to both frequency and severity.
These findings sure are fascinating, but don’t forget that there are many things that you can do to minimize your risk of ED. Sure, some people are born somewhat lucky, but it’s your lifestyle choices that defy you. Lay off the liquor, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, avoid stress – your chances of getting ED will drop down to zero. Moreover, this subject is not yet properly researched. One study is never enough, more research is required to solidify the link. So don’t worry, just keep on keeping on – live healthy and you won’t have to worry about ED.