Way Impotence Starts: First Symptoms of the Disorder

Sexual health plays an important role in the well-being of a male. An ability to achieve and hold a powerful erection contributes not only to physical health but also the emotional condition of a man. Consequently, any problems or disorders in this sphere can trigger crucial complications and devastating problems.

The condition can develop even without your knowledge as the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction may be ultimately insignificant and difficult to notice. Most commonly, erectile dysfunction pops up suddenly, especially if you are exposed to certain physical or physiological underlying disorders. Here are minor problems and changes that will help you detect the problem and prevent its aggravation at early stages:

first symptoms of impotence

  • You do not have morning erection. The indicator of the proper functioning of the blood vessels and blood circulation can work improperly in case erectile dysfunction is getting developed;
  • Decreased libido. It is another important point you need to pay due attention to. You do not think about the sexual affairs as much as you did before. It is the sign of decreased testosterone level;
  • Advanced cholesterol ranges and blood pressure levels. Such conditions can damage your blood vessels, decreasing their elasticity, which is required for a correct blood flow to the penile area;
  • Abnormal bleeding, tender, and swollen gums can set off certain events, which can lead to considerable problems with your sexual functioning.

These are only a few symptoms that can help you notice the problem and start preventing it. Contact your medical specialist in order to get qualified medical assistance.