Excessive heat harms the male health

It is not a secret that scrotum should have the temperature lower than the rest of the body. It is a guarantee of the normal spermatogenesis, and a male ability to conceive.

In order to keep the testicles in the optimal conditions, it is necessary to keep a certain temperature that should be by about 3 °C lower than the body temperature. It is a great difference for the male body.

Therefore, testicles are located in scrotum hanging on the body. It gives an ability to keep the optimal temperature for the natural physiological processes. If the temperature of testicles is just like the body temperature, it may cause serious pathologies. First, it has a negative influence on the sperm quality, and secondly, it affects a production of testosterone.

A low temperature is required in order to prevent an attack of the protective functions of the body as to spermatozoa. The body considers it as unknown microorganisms, and if the temperature goes to 37°C (an activation temperature of the protective functions), spermatozoa would be killed.

It is clinically proved that a number of the active spermatozoa drops by 50% during the excessive heat of the genitals of a man. And if it happens regularly, the function of spermatogenesis is affected, and it leads to infertility.

Men who neglect the safety rules are at a risk group:

  • The active use of the seat heater in the car
  • Hot shower or hot bath tube
  • Tight clothes

The air circulation should be kept within entire day, and therefore follow how you sit, what cloth you wear, and how you work. Many men like to work on laptop on their own laps. As a result, warm air of the cooler warms up the pelvic area and genitals. It has a bad effect on the male health.