Psychological Causes of Impotence and Ways to Solve Them

First of all, it is inevitable to realize that erectile dysfunction is a disorder, which can appear as a result of various health abnormalities, including physical, psychological and complex. The most severe instances are connected with physical causes, but the psychological aspect should not be neglected.

Around 10-20% of erectile dysfunction instances are provoked by serious emotional abnormalities. In a separate group of people, erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of childhood sexual trauma or abuse. Nevertheless, traditionally, the most common psychological problems that interfere with an ability to achieve and hold erection are:

  • Anxiety;
  • Stress;
  • Depression;
  • Feeling of guilt;
  • Decreased self-esteem;
  • Low self-confidence;
  • Indifference and others.

Considering an ability to solve the problem, it is vital to contact a medical specialist right after you have noticed any symptoms of impotence. The medical specialist will either prescribe you effective medications or recommend some counseling, lifestyle changes and similar actions to overcome psychological impairments and balance the bothersome disorder. Contacting the doctor and finding the solution to the disorder.