Porn Interest Leads to Impotence Development

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male health problems. The tendency of impotence occurrence is rapidly growing since it can be caused by a wide range of factors. Watching porn can be one of the numerous reasons for the condition occurrence and aggravation.

This sexual dysfunction has been actively increasing in males under 40 years old. Testosterone decrease is not typical for this group of patients, while porn is the exact thing to blame for the rise. A special term has recently appeared in the pharmaceutical world to describe the condition – pornography-induced erectile dysfunction. According to the results of studies, frequent exposure to pornography can trigger decreased responsivity in males and advanced need for extreme material to get aroused. This is one of the most common reasons why previously active and sexually healthy men become sexually disabled.

Key Reasons for Porn Influence on Erectile Functioning

The main purpose of porn is to capture attention. Usually, performers do things that cannot be translated into a real life, but watchers become conditioned to such type of sexual arousal, which is difficult to be performed in real life. As a result, regular sex does not meet the expectations and desires anymore. Consequently, the libido level decreases and erection becomes much more difficult to obtain.

Dopamine is one of the top important neurotransmitters, which gets impaired during porn watching. Brain cells are usually activated by the things people hear or see. Dopamine can be released from a simple kiss or hug. The response to sex is also regulated by dopamine pathway. Dopamine signaling is an inevitable component, which influences erections and arousal.

Ultimately high concentrations of dopamine released during porn watching can cause a wide range of health complications. The connection between the nerves and erection now takes longer to be activated, which means regular porn watching can activate serious problems getting and maintaining an erection.