Jobs that Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

What jobs may cause erectile dysfunction in menIt is extremely important for men to be successful in their sexual life, and any problems in this sphere might become not just embarrassing but injurious. There are many factors which might influence male strength, including age, state of health, psychological features, etc. Lifestyle is also crucial, and as far as it is tightly bound to work, so the choice of job becomes vital in terms of men’s health.

Potentially dangerous professions imply either physical or psychological negative impact, sometimes even both. Let’s look at the possible risks:

  • Those jobs which require long hours of sitting in the same posture might cause stasis in prostatic gland which may lead to worse consequences if no attention is paid to the problem.
  • If there are irregular hours, which means daily routine is not stable, the general health condition worsens due to imbalanced loads. This can result in general fatigue and decrease sexual desire and erection.
  • Nearly the same can be said about those jobs that keep you from having scheduled and sufficient meals. Fast food and other enemies of slim body become enemies of erection as well. You experience less desire and cannot keep an erection for long.
  • Long periods of abstinence, which may be caused by frequent business trips, are harmful and might destroy normal sexual function in men.
  • Not only lack of physical activity is pernicious for good sexual activity, but extensive training is harmful as well. The thing is that while training hard, levels of testosterone, which is responsible for men’s strength, fall down. This means our body gets so tired and busy with self-recreation that there is no resource for sex at all.
  • Stress is the worst thing ever. It might damage any part of our body including the prostate gland. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that our brain participates actively in the process of starting and getting pleasure from a sexual intercourse. So, the more stressed our job is, the more risk of erectile dysfunction we get.

Most Dangerous Jobs

Summing up the options mentioned above, it is worth listing the occupations which put men in the group of risk:

  • White-collar workers;
  • Sailors;
  • Militaries;
  • Professional sportsmen;
  • Artists and other creative jobs;
  • Drivers.

What to Do?

Surely, everyone chooses a job because of some preferences, not because of erectile dysfunction risk. There is no need to change your profession, but there is a need to visit doctors on a permanent basis and try to keep your lifestyle healthy. Then you will never have to face such an unpleasant problem.