Inflammatory processes of testicles, symptoms, treatment

There are diseases typical for men only. These pathologies usually affect genitals of men and are accompanied by negative and sometimes dangerous symptoms.

The inflammatory processes of testicles are a common disease for men. There are two types of this pathology:

  • Orchitis – inflammation of testicles
  • Epididymitis – inflammation of the epididymides

These diseases are dangerous because may cause a worsening of the quality of seminal fluid and even infertility. It is not difficult to diagnose the disease even though the light form of orchitis and epididymitis may be asymptomatic.

Epididymitis is an inflammatory process in the epididymis that affects glans penis, shaft, and deferent duct. The patency of the epididymis is important for the formation of the quality sperm. Epididymitis may develop on the background of the infections during the decreased immune protection of the body. Even a common ARVI, sore throat, or infectious disease of the respiratory system may cause bacteria in epididymis of the testicles, so that an inflammatory process appears. An acute form is characterized with a high temperature and acute pain but this inflammatory process is often chronic and bothers a man from time to time (long, dull pain of the middle severity).

Orchisits is an inflammatory process in the tissues of the testicle. This inflammatory disease often appears after the infectious disease. The symptomatology of this pathology is slightly intensive. The disease occurs all of a sudden: high body temperature, various pain in the testicle. The testicle may be increased in size, and its temperature is slightly increased.

Men are often not ready to the inflammatory processes in scrotum, so that they think that they have a common sexual infection. But in case of any irritations in the genital system, it is necessary to go to an urologist. The doctor will diagnose the inflammatory process and prescribe a treatment during the first medical examination.

Treatment of the inflammatory diseases of testicles

In case of the epididymis inflammation, or inflammation of the testicle tissues, the therapy as a rule takes 10-20 days and includes the following procedures:

  • A prescription of the antibacterial drugs to kill bacteria
  • A prescription of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation and pain
  • Vitamin complex to improve the immunity
  • Physiotherapy to restore the normal functions of the testicles

The treatment should be started as soon as possible in order to avoid a disorder of the natural physiological processes in the testicles. If the inflammation is stopped in time, a production of the seminal fluid and its quality will be saved.

If a semen analysis shows that the activity or number of spermatozoa is reduced, it is necessary to begin the therapy to restore the quality of the seminal fluid.