Does obesity affect male reproductive potential?

During the course of a few decades, obesity has become shockingly widespread. It’s a worldwide problem that has become a full-blown epidemic. We all have heard of negative effects that obesity has on our bodies, it damages the blood vessels, heart, destroys musculoskeletal system, impairs one’s sexual functions, and so forth. One of the most shocking “side-effects” of the obesity is the fact it has a strong negative effect on male reproductive system.

It quickly reduces the quality of the sperm, altering both molecular and physical structure of the germ cells. This can affect men of all ages. Obesity can also lead to an increase in scrotal temperature and ED.

How obesity affects male reproductive potential

  1. In plain terms, sperm DNA integrity is absolutely vital. It directly affects the ability of sperm to fertilize. As we mentioned before, obesity changes the structure of the DNA.
  2. Obesity leads to oxidative stress which, in turn, injures sperm. That, coupled with the damaged integrity of sperm DNA can lead to serious issues for the patient.
  3. Obesity alters hormone levels. This part is pretty much self-explanatory. Obesity leads to increased estrogen level and that lessens sperm count and fertility.


There are several treatments for obese men with infertility issues, including:

  1. Losing weight. A patient needs to find a good diet and stick to it. Moreover, he needs to find a fitting exercise regimen – physically active males are marginally more fertile than their obese counterparts.
  2. Testosterone therapy. This kind of treatment can help solve hormonal imbalance and increase sperm count and reproductive potential.
  3. Therapeutic solutions. These include estrogen synthase inhibitors, and TRT, among many others.

Patient’s best bet would be combing the first two solutions. Due to the fact that losing weight takes time, a patient will likely require some extra help to go along with his positive lifestyle adjustments. The third option can also be combined with weight loss.