Consequences of the unhealthy diet in men

“We are what we eat” – this statement exactly describes a life of every person. Food is required in order to keep a life activity, and it influences on the functioning of the female and male body.

Any food has direct and indirect influence on the body. Every man eats some junk food and does not always stick to a healthy diet. It is not a problem because the body needs to consume everything and even junk food. But it should not be systematic, and harmful food should not replace normal healthy food.

Unhealthy diet will cause a worsening of the sexual health, sooner or later.

First of all, the erectile function suffers. Junk food (fast-food, fizzy drinks, food with high amount of sugar, and others) leads to the accumulation of the fatty tissue. It is food rich in calories that causes gaining of the body mass, and often causes chronic diseases. Pancreatic diabetes, arterial hypertension and increased level of cholesterol in the blood are the most innocent symptoms that may happen during the unhealthy diet. As you know these diseases have a destructive action on the blood vessels, so that the blood supply of the penis is affected. According to the statistics, every second man with the erectile dysfunction has one of the above-mentioned chronic diseases.

Moreover, the increase of the fatty tissue in the male body leads to the reduced level of testosterone and increased level of the female sexual hormones – estrogens. As a result, erection as well as libido becomes weak, and fertility may be worsened as well. Due to the great amount of estrogens and a low level of testosterone, the activity of spermatozoa drops, their life cycle is reduced, and so a man may have problems with conceiving.

The above tells that a rational moderate diet with “correct” products is a guarantee of the male strength and longevity. But the biggest problem is that the consequences of the unhealthy diet are not obvious right away. The effect from the consumption of the junk food is accumulated within years. When dysfunctions appear, a man goes to a doctor, it is rather difficult to restore the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to care about the sexual health and follow the diet at young age. Strict diets are not recommended. It will be enough to avoid a consumption of junk food rich in animal fats and great amount of sugar. It will become the first step towards the sexual longevity.