Are ED Meds Associated with the Risk of Heart Attack?

Impotence is a widely spread condition, with the official statistics claiming that over 20% of the male population is diagnosed with the disorder. The condition is more peculiar to elderly men above 60, though a significant number of younger adults frequently report its symptoms. Previous research showed that people diagnosed with impotence have a higher risk of heart attack appearance and development of other cardiovascular issues. However, results of recent studies disprove this idea, claiming that erectile dysfunction treatments can improve survival after infarction and other heart-related disorders. Smoking, type 2 diabetes, alcohol consumption, obesity and numerous other disorders are related to both sexual and heart disorders.

Instead of triggering harmful impacts on heart functioning, ED drugs are reported to balance blood circulation and manage cardiovascular abnormalities. In the present study, scientists investigated the influence of impotence treatments on survival after myocardial infarction. The results of the investigation showed that the death rate in men taking ED pills was over 33% lower compared with the ones, who did not receive the treatment. Additionally, it is inevitable to admit that the risk of heart failure, stroke, and heart attack was 40% lower in the treatment group.
The positive tendencies were observed mainly in patients using the most common type of erectile dysfunction remedies, mainly phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra.
The key finding of the research is an opportunity to prescribe ED drugs completely safely to men with a recent history of heart-related disorders. Instead of promoting negative influences, such remedies can boost survival and stimulate recovery. However, it is also important to interpret the results of the study with a considerable degree of caution, as some factors were not taken into consideration during the investigation. Individual health peculiarities, accompanying disorders, and contraindications should also be taken into account during ED medication intake.